Aaron Ancelet

Personal Training Diploma
Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Speedblast Training, Osetoblast Training , Kettle Bell Training, and Suspension Training.
Types of training that I incorporate but do not limit to: Running Mechanics, Bone Health Specialist, Kettle Bell, Suspension, pre-habilitation, corrective exercise, weight loss, weight gain, group fitness, metabolic conditioning, testosterone optimization training, functional movement screening (FMS), strength and conditioning, sports specific and special populations.

Fitness has been in my life for as long as I know. Being active is something that has been ingraved in me and I believe will never cease in my life. I enjoy just about any type of activity and can be competitive just to make life a little more interesting. I feel Newtons First Law of Motion (an object that is in motion stays in motion) is spot on with Health and Fitness. Your body is a machine that never stops working, so in order to stay active you must be active.
My role as a fitness professional is to fulfill objectives, succeed goals, and to be creative. With that being said, I provide training that is tailored to your interests so that you have an enjoyable experience. I welcome anyone that is willing to take the next step into a better active life.

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