I am an alumni of the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work where I completed my masters program in the fall of 2012. As an MSW and registered psychotherapist, I have focused my field work on serving children and adults who were considered high risk. From April 2016 through February 2020, I provided services to foster children and adults with disabilities offering programs such as residential, behavioral health, and employment opportunities. This experience lead to my passion in understanding and serving children and young adults with high risk behaviors.

I am currently a therapist through The Bridge Center for Play Therapy in Boulder, CO and work with children from age 3-18. I am also a mother of two young children, so my passion for families extends beyond my personal practice.

In addition, I am a certified yoga instructor and have 16+ years of experience practicing yoga. This experience has lead me to further understand some of the physical responses we experience in our bodies which may lead to our current coping and regulation.

I believe therapy should be designed to provide us with a safe space to express ourselves through communication and play, and that my role as a therapist is to help children and families understand the “why” behind their emotional experiences through their own interactive play.

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