Gutta Get Healthy with Cristine

Hello, and welcome to GUTTA GET HEALTHY I am Cristine Sicorsicor and I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach!

I am a type 7 on enneagram :)

My mission is to create awareness on healthy lifestyle through gut health. It is my passion to teach and inspire others to live healthfully so they can enjoy fuller, happier lives.

Healthy lifestyle turned my life around after suffering from Hiatal Hernia by cause of too much stress, it was a time that I was uncontrollably gaining weight despite of eating too little, for the longest time I was feeling sluggish, tired and in pain. But now my story motivates me to always choose health to live happily and pain free.

I attended American Fitness Professional Association where I learned the connection of all the food choices and your overall health and longevity. It was a real eye-opener for me learning that most of the available food out there contains toxins, our bodies are inundated with toxins daily which leads to weight gain, allergies, intolerance, rashes, mood changes, poor sleep, low sex drive.

I can help you get there! We will work together to figure out what’s working for you. I can show you that through changing your lifestyle and mindset you can reclaim your happiness and build a body to be proud of.

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