Jennifer Embery - Coach~Speaker~Writer

It is my philosophy that everything can be overcome. I am certain of it, and that certainty becomes contagious. I know anyone can achieve greatness if they are driven by a powerful purpose – and if they have a coach.

My absolute favorite part about coaching is when a client recognizes their future is going to be even more amazing than they could have even imagined when we started working together. I LOVE it!!!

I began coaching in my former corporate leadership role. When I learned about it – about true coaching – I felt like I’d come home. It was so different than managing and I decided coaching was my future. The more I coached, the less I felt aligned in my corporate role.

I recognized the potential lives I could change and it was so much more important to me than anything I was able to impact in the corporate world. So I left a 24 year career! My ‘retirement’ came about 15 years earlier than planned when I decided to coach full-time. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In my free time I enjoy a variety of different hobbies – I read because I love to learn. I hang out with friends. Is carpooling kids around a hobby? Because I do a lot of that! I love the energy of being in nature. I enjoy online courses – mostly on mindfulness, energy work, and personal growth. I am a true life-long learner. I live in Minnesota with my two daughters and our two cats.

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