Morpheus Fitness

I am a certified personal trainer with NASM and Fitness Mentors. I am also a Relationship Coach for men. I create all level customized programs, and my coaching experience sets me apart in motivation and accountability skills to help you reach any goal.

I focus on technique and form in the workouts as well as correcting postural imbalances to prevent injury in daily movements. This also works on many levels including improving self esteem.

I am experienced in nutritional guidance and health.

What sets me apart is my attention to detail and my level of attunement with my client. I help you not only perfect your technique and awareness of movement but also create an uplifting positive space for growth and the attainment of your goals.

I am personable and friendly with good interpersonal and listening skills.

I offer training virtually ongoing. When the pandemic has passed, if you live in my local area (Phoenix/Scottsdale) you can convert your program to in-person trainings if you choose.

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