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I am a Certified Health Coach, Whole Person Certified Life Coach and Precision Nutrition Coach and soon to be Board Certified Coach. I have a Masters in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University. I have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing; taking into account the WHOLE life. If it were just about eating and exercise, most people would be successful at a healthy lifestyle. But life, family and stress sometimes get into the way. By looking at the whole life, we can see the big picture and start working on the areas that are inhibiting your healthy lifestyle. Whether it be all-or-nothing thinking, stress, self-esteem, lack of support system or one of a ton of other things; we will partner together to come up with ways to overcome these obstacles. Living healthy is about small changes that over time add up, not about a complete overhaul of everything in your life. I am your partner and coach, not your teacher in this endeavor. Nutrition, stress and lifestyle education is provided free through my platform for outside of our time together so you can spend your time really getting through what is and isn't working for you. You have the answers, I just help get you there.

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