I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and have completed my Bachelor's in Dietetics. I am currently a 2nd year Master's student in Food Science and Human Nutrition. I grew up in a small farming community in the Midwest and enjoy my horses and all outdoor activities.

During my two years in the Dietetics program at the University of North Dakota, I completed a supervised practice experience at an inpatient hospital in Minnesota. This experience as an RDN student consisted of completing tasks the organizations’ RDN was responsible for. At the hospital, I educated patients/clients and created meal plans, presentations, and handouts on hearth healthy, renal, wound, and diabetes focused diets. Besides my medical nutrition therapy (MNT) experience with inpatients, I had the opportunity to counsel outpatient bariatric, weight loss, and diabetic clients in multiple clinics in Minnesota and North Dakota. The bulk of my undergraduate career was focused on learning MNT for common diseases and illnesses while delivering this evidence-based dietary education with motivational interviewing skills to lead patients/clients to success.

I am eager to guide people to a healthier lifestyle using a whole foods dietary eating pattern. I am confident together we can find what lifestyle habits may be holding you back from losing weight or worsening a current health condition (diabetes, hypertension, etc.). I do not make any promises of a quick weight loss or completely eliminating a medicine. Research and current evidence has shown that there is not a magical formula to lose weight fast or cure all ailments. Healthy lifestyles take time and dedication and together we can get there! My outlook is that no foods are ever off limits and that every food has a time and place in an eating pattern. Moderation is key!

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