Balanced Living Coaching

Keturah Howard is a Certified Health Coach that specializes in habit change. She works with her clients on managing stress, losing weight, obtaining more energy for their busy lifestyles. Her clients say she is part-cheerleader and part tough love coach. Keturah provides the right system, the right accountability, and the right support that gets clients the results they want.

She is equipped with specific protocol for the most common health conditions such as hormone imbalance, digestion, adrenal health, thyroid health, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, brain and mood health, weight loss, and emotional eating, created by leading health experts and health coaches. She is now completing her life coaching certification.

She has 7 years of customer service and 3 years in leadership experience as a manager. She completed her health and wellness coaching certification April of 2017 from Health Coach Institute and also attended the Health Coach Institute live training/Conference May of 2017 in Miami with 600+ coaches and doctors. She is looking to transition into health and wellness using her trainings, customer service and managerial experience.

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