Postpartum RN Wellness Coach

The postpartum period can be such a rewarding yet challenging time. Even if you are a first or fourth time mother, every pregnancy and delivery is different, which also means the postpartum period is different as well! Whether it's balancing the new role of motherhood, embracing the changes to your body, and/or tackling the tasks that your new bundle of joy brings on, allow me to guide you through this joyous period of your life.

I offer guidance up to 6 months post delivery, and as an experienced maternal/newborn nurse, I have assisted and cared for a variety of mothers whether it was a vaginal or cesarean delivery, breastfeeding or formula feeding, natural birth or epidural, etc.

Bringing a new family member home can cause a lot of strain as the focus turns away from you. Allow me to assist you and bring focus on yourself so you can be the best you as possible for your the new love in your life!

Are you still in the antepartum phase and would like a consultation prior to delivery? Still reach out to me as I would love to discuss your plan and goals for your postpartum phase!

*I do not substitute a primary care provider. I am here to supplement their care and provide guidance as needed and/or wanted.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office