Integrated Counseling/ Coaching

Everyday stressors along the way can exhaust someone physically, mentally, and emotionally. The distress that builds up is manifested into symptoms of feeling lost, lacking in desire or direction, depression, anxiety, syndromes, and illnesses. When it becomes difficult and exhausting to handle everything on your own, a counseling or coaching session can be used to reset the mind and focus on finding solutions that target each of your individual needs for love, career, social connection, and stability.

Our Approach

Sessions last for up to an hour and start with an assessment that analyzes all your personal goals and needs. Each session uses integrated methods that range from CBT principles, mindfulness approaches, Neurography, NET therapy, life coaching, career coaching, family/ couples counseling, etc.

Each Counseling Wellness Plan is designed for individual goals, so duration and consistency are determined on an individual client basis following a consultation.

Note: Call to schedule a consultation and determine whether in-person or virtual sessions are more appropriate.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office