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Food, cooking, and living a healthy lifestyle should be sparkling, fun, interesting and relished by all ages, which is exactly what I love to teach and share with my clients.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Plant-Based Professional Cook, and Functional Medicine Student, I believe everyone and every BODY has a unique relationship with food, eating and wellness. Through my private healthy cooking lessons, whole food education, gut health support and more, I help my clients (and their families):

• Learn about healthy eating and lifestyle choices
• Adjust to food allergies and sensitivities
• Experiment with new foods & cooking techniques
• Get out of “the rut” – eating the same thing everyday

Through the years, I have led health and wellness efforts within public schools, contributing to organizations such as, Jeffco Healthy Schools and Action for Healthy Kids. In addition, I have taught all different ages in a variety of settings, including after school healthy cooking classes for grades K-5, a grant-funded program for preschoolers called Exploring Foods Together, and a healthy lifestyle middle school class called Thrive.

When I'm not coaching or writing, you can find me hiking, skiing, cooking, and forest bathing with my hubby, two daughters, and dog in the Colorado Mountains!

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