Warmest greetings!

My name is Shelby, and I am a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher. I love to share the gift of meditation with all who are interested, and make it my mission to tailor meditation sessions and techniques to each individual's own wants and needs.

I have been an avid meditator for eleven years, and have participated in numerous meditation and silent meditation retreats, where I have studied and learned a wide variety of techniques. In addition, I have completed an IMMA accredited (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance) training course to further enrich my own private practice, and to further serve my students and clients.

Through SproutStep, my goal is to offer and provide guided meditations ranging from 30 minute to 60 minutes, and to personally tailor each session so that you gain as much as possible during our time together.

Typically, I prefer to use video chat for sessions (I love to make a face to face connection with those who I join in meditation). However, I am more than happy to hop on a voice-only call if you prefer.

I look forward to guiding you and joining in meditation together!


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