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I am a Registered Clinical Pharmacist. I graduated pharmacy school at the University of Iowa, College of Pharmacy. My passion for the pharmaceutical sciences has evolved into a real need to help people improve their therapeutic outcomes. My skill set has provided me with the tools to work with a select patient demographic, specifically with geriatric patients that have fallen victim to polypharmacy. Using the principles of medication therapy management (MTM) my goal is to condense their drug therapy with careful and considerate evaluation of all disease states and all potential adverse drug reactions (ADR) or adverse drug effects (ADE). Their ADR /ADE may be a result of many contributing factors drug-drug, drug-food, and/or supplement interactions. Many times it’s due to the slowing metabolic processes that govern the pharmacokinetic factors of these many substances that are polymedicating. Another factor that results in polypharmacy is the breakdown of communication between healthcare providers. It is common that multiple doctors are needed to treat the complex disease states associated with advancing age and often multiple pharmacies are in use, culminating in missing many easily resolvable breaches in therapy. My niche is to bridge these breaches and gaps of communication thereby improving the patients’ outcome. This outcome improvement provides the real benefits of increased patient autonomy, cognitive clarity, quality of life and wellbeing. These benefits will result in the patients’ abilities to live independently, delay by years the need for assisted living saving the patient and patient’s family the cost associated with assisted living.

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