Body Harmony Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

Hello! I’m Navenka Gabrielson, founder of Body Harmony and a certified IIN Health & Lifestyle Coach and AASDN Nutrition Specialist.

Losing weight and getting better sleep is about more than just what you eat and what time you go to bed. Body Harmony is full mind and body approach to health and wellness. We’ll work towards your weight loss goals by identifying why you gained the extra weight and how you can love yourself no matter what while getting where you want to be.

In our first session, we’ll analyze your diet and what challenges you have with food and life challenges. We’ll discuss how to eat better through food journaling, menu planning, smart grocery shopping, and cooking tips. We’ll talk about how movement plays a part in your life. Finally, we’ll discuss how addressing stress, sleep, energy, relationships, and self-care are as important as the food on the end of your fork.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and my other certifications include: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, PHI Pilates Certified, Johnny G Spin Instructor, Resistor Ball Certified.

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