Wellness Nurse

Our culture is fast paced and we oftentimes forget to care for ourselves. We are given pills and procedures to "fix" health issues that can be managed with better eating habits, daily exercise, and less stress in our lives!

Allow me the opportunity to guide you through your goals to improve overall wellness, so you can live the healthy lifestyle that YOU deserve! With my history of caring for a variety of patients with various chronic illnesses in the hospital, I have witnessed how our healthcare system can improve with a more holistic approach to healthcare that our current system does not allow for.

I individualize each care plan per client as no two people are the same. Everyone is unique and your care must reflect this.
Let's work on a healthier you together!

*My services do not substitute care provided by physicians. I am here to supplement what they provide for you.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office