Registered Dietitian Nutritionist: Weight loss and Maintenance

To become an RDN (nutrition expert!) I received my Bachelor's in Dietetics and am currently going for my Master's in Food Science and Human Nutrition to make sure you receive the most evidence-based and current nutrition advice available! Dietary counseling will consist of us getting to know each other and progress toward you making your goals with my guidance. You are the focus of the sessions because you are making these changes in your life! I do not promise a quick weight loss but rather a sustained progressive loss of weight that will help you keep the weight off for life! My meal planning experience is based around guiding the client to make autonomous choices and goals. The client always has the final say in meal plan choices since they are the ones ultimately making the changes. I have the most experience with MyFitnessPal, using it for myself and various classes throughout my college education, but I am more than willing to learn other food tracking programs.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office