Healthy Lifestyle Program

My Healthy Lifestyle Program uses a truly holistic approach since I utilize my broad experiences as a Health & Life, Stress Management Coach, Financial Advisor, Reiki Master, and Feng Shui Practitioner. Yes, the health-supportive environment can be extremely helpful to get healthier, lose weight, looks younger, stay focused, and be positive. This holistic program ideal for busy people, who do not want to be bound to gyms or diets, that can give you only temporary results and rely only on you will power. In our program, we strive for everlasting results by finding a way to make a healthy lifestyle one of your favorite life-long HOBBY that you will gladly find time and effort to do. This hobby will give you a fresh perspective of your life, give you more energy, and make you happier.

Healthy Lifestyle Program:
Creating positive and healthy habits
Health and weight management
Life Purpose and Lifestyle alignment
Emotional Intelligence
Stress management
Money matters
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Supportive Environment

Program Format:
​A one-hour session virtual or in-person every week.
Videos, hand-outs, worksheets, self-assessments.
The Mobile App MBODY360 lets you stay connected to your coach, sends you customizable daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, helps you track your sleep, nutrition, supplementation, physical activities, meditation, and more.

CORE Components:
Holistic & Positive
Healthy Habits
Physical Activities
Healthy Eating

ADD-ONS Components:
Life Goals &Purpose
Stress & Relationships
Healthy Environment
Money Matters

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office