Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual wellness Intuitive coach.

I am a Holistic Energy Healer and an Intuitive Coach.
I have been on this beautiful and learning journey for over 15 years now.
I facilitate to empower you with the right tools to help to create a better and more balanced life, choosing the alignment within yourself and the outside world (Universe).
Reiki helps you to be calm and at peace. It also helps to align you with your life’s purpose and support your ongoing journey.
It strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promotes feelings of being centered and grounded while enhancing your Intuitive and spiritual skills.
Additionally, I will help you to learn how to meditate to raise your vibration, a meditation to awaken your heart’s energy. This is to bring in light and joy and cleanse your Aura.
With Intuitive Healing, other Healing modalities and meditation techniques, I will help you to transform your life by letting go of the limited belief system that blocks your growth and abundance.
Let your awesome journey begin

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office
Office or Group Wellness:
Educational classes
Group challenges
Health Screenings