Private Yoga and Meditation

Experience a world where you move with ease and grace, standing tall without effort and minimal discomfort.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, dealing with stiff/sore muscles, chronic pain, or simply having trouble moving freely, I’ve got your back.

Increase mobility, improve posture, and alleviate pain or discomfort in the body through personalized private sessions. You will receive alignment cues and adjustments for each posture. The postures, alignment, transitions, and breath will be demonstrated, explained, and deconstructed during the session. Each yoga session is tailored designed for your goals and needs.

Through meditation we develop a new perspective on our internal dialogue and develop a greater understanding of ourselves. Shifting our view of ourselves and our outward attitude toward others and external situations.

Release stress, worry and anxiety. Increase self-confidence.
Become more aware of your thoughts and more capable of controlling them. Learn to notice your thoughts without judgment and simply observe the feelings that arise.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office