RRCA Certified Run Coach- Making running approachable and fun!

Are you hesitant to sign up for that virtual 5k to benefit an amazing charity? Or do you want to learn to enjoy running more? Stuck on how to up your mileage from your base to a half marathon?

I can help. I have been a Certified RRCA Run Coach for over 6 years and have coached both in-person & virtually over 200 beginners and intermediate runners to their finish line and goals.

For $50 a month, you get a PERSONAL run plan tailored to your unique goals, weekly emails with tips, monthly Zoom Check-In, and unlimited text support.

And don't worry, I am really good at creating a run playlist and virtually cheering. I have perfected the long-distance cowbell & yell

Let's reach those goals, together!

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Educational classes
Group challenges
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Remote or in Person:
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