Doctor of Physical Therapy

Take the time to make your physical health a priority with OHM physical therapy. Owned and operated by Dr. Omega Josephs PT, DPT, OHM physical therapy is currently providing virtual assessments and treatments in the state of Colorado. Dr. Joseph's philosophy combines whole body assessments with detailed histories in order to treat a wide variety of conditions, and ensure impairments are being addressed at their source, rather than just treating the symptoms. It is OHMs mission to help patients engage in the activities they love, without pain and dysfunction, and Dr Josephs works with her patients to create individualized programs to help patients achieve a higher level of functional fitness for the future. As a result of COVID-19, the ability to perform virtual assessments is vital. This allows patients to address health concerns from the safety of their own home.

Doctor of Physical Therapy and new mom starting my own practice during Covid-19 in order to take care of my child and continue to help patients. Colorado transplant with a love of the outdoors, being physically and intellectually challenged, and above all my dog Walter.

Services Include:

Multisystem screening
Orthopedic examination
Detailed movement assessment
Wellness coaching
Exercise program creation

Chronic pain
Pain associated with athletic activity
Post surgical rehabilitation
Neromuscular Re-education

Other Expertise:
Concussion and vestibular dysfunction

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office
All accepted
Some accepted
Health Savings Account accepted
Office or Group Wellness:
Educational classes
Group challenges
Health Screenings