Using Self-Hypnosis For Pain


HYPNOSIS provides relaxation, better sleep, calms down our central nervous system, and yes, can even release pain in our body. It allows suggestions to go deep into the subconscious part of the mind. And the subconscious is where we hold our deep-rooted beliefs, such as, "I'll always have to live with this pain."

Emotions are intricately woven into the body and directly influence how our body feels on a daily basis. Emotions can also get stuck in parts of the body resulting from past traumatic experiences, like an accident, an illness, surgery, a loss of some kind, or even from past relationships.

Though all pain is not negative; sometimes it can be a productive behavior when it protects us, but when it's reinforced by a negative emotion daily, like anxiety or fear, it can then turn into a negative belief. Hypnosis helps to instill positive beliefs that serve and support your goals and desires, like a body that moves around more comfortably.

Dee Ballington is a certified Hypnotherapist who manages her own chronic pain and enjoys helping others to navigate alternative pain management protocols through holistic solutions.

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