Body Confidence / Eating Habits - Integrative Health Coach

Don't like looking in the mirror, nothing fits anymore, and you'd rather stay home and binge with food & Netflix?

Are you off-and-on diets the majority of your life?
You don't have to be!

Are you confused, fed up, and just want to FEEL GOOD?
I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach and help motivated but overwhelmed clients get the clarity, confidence and tools they need NOW to help overcome challenges, heal from ailments and not just live, but THRIVE.

You are not alone in feeling:
- Overwhelmed / Stressed
- Major life changes
- Boredom
- Stress Eating
- Binge Eating
- Don’t know
- Confused with conflicting research / diet plans
- Feeling judged by family and society

I suggest:
Free 30 minute New Client Consultation
8 Week commitment
60 Minute virtual sessions per week (8 sessions)
(we can customize the number of sessions to your specific needs)

This is a Whole Body/Mind approach. It WORKS because it is specific to you considering your:
- upbringing
- values
- personality
- culture
- growth levels
- fears
- desires
I then personalize Step by Step tools for you to gain effective Conflict Resolution. We explore the areas in your life that will keep you from healing, and I will completely CUSTOMIZE it to your personal life's experiences. Some general areas of topic we cover are:

Body Image:
Body image is subject to all kinds of distortions from the attitudes of one's parents, other early experiences, internal elements like emotions or moods, and other factors.
- Prioritize Function Over Form. Consider everything your body does for you.
- Practice Positive Self-Talk. Once you begin to notice this automatic stream of negative consciousness, you can begin doing something about it.

Relationships are the key to so many things: finding and keeping your life partner, finding and keeping your job, getting along with your children and family, closing deals, enjoying parties and social life and more.

But how do we balance our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, as well as our social, family and work needs?
- Not addressing hurt in relationships is one of the leading factors that negatively affect our body’s ability to heal.
- Whether at work or at home, understanding how to communicate effectively and understanding what someone is really saying to you is vital for positive relationships.
- Learning to identify when you've been triggered and what to do in order to communicate clearly when you're upset.

Stress Management:
We all experience stress in our lives. Because the vast majority of health problems are caused or influenced by stress, it's important to understand how stress affects your body and learn effective stress management techniques to make stress work for you rather than against you.
- Learning how your nervous system keeps you in a state of alert and how to truly relax.
- Understanding how your mind works and using practical methods to quiet it down.

Includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.
- You can discover who you truly are, what you really want to be doing, and allowing that powerful force to direct your decision-making.
- Spirituality is about aligning with what is motivating you and harnessing that power to feel liberated and alive.

When stress, anxiety, responsibilities, and boundaries aren’t addressed, they can put a strain on you, and ultimately your health... It’s great that your taking this step towards evolving today.

** My clients have access to continual communication between sessions as your health is of top most priority.
I look forward to being a part of your health care team!

To your health,
Certified Integrative Health Coaching
(Academy of Integrative Medicine)

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