Health and Fitness Specialist (EP-C)

** I am new to SproutStep but would love the opportunity to help you in your journey to a better quality of life **

My philosophy with helping people improve their quality of life and wellness is centered around the fact that each person I work with is infinitely unique in their knowledge, ability, and experience. I choose to work around the person rather than the 'problem'. Having experienced first hand what it takes to lose a substantial amount of weight and all the changes that go into making a healthy lifestyle I was humbled to the fact that I could not have done it without the support of others. To help me see past the gimmicks/profit centered environment that the health and wellness sector is today and to work WITH me rather than AGAINST my unhealthiness is something I am truly thankful for.

My expertise lies in exercise physiology (of which I am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine). However, my education was more holistic as I worked with the elderly, children, those in the corporate world, and those with underlying issues/major health events throughout my time getting my B.S. in Kinesiology. These are the experiences I can bring to you and use to help you in your journey to becoming healthier. Whether that be improving daily routines to get more activity, making an exercise plan (and learning how to execute one), re-evaluating living conditions to better suit a healthy lifestyle, nutritional advice, or just being someone to talk to to figure out how to improve any/all aspects of wellness I am here to help.

My promise to everyone I interact with is that empathy and compassion come first. If you do not believe in yourself then it is much more difficult to work towards your goals. Therefore, I want to make sure the understanding is that each person is worthy no matter what stage they are in and I am simply there to support and walk with you.

Office or Group Wellness:
Educational classes
Group challenges
Health Screenings
Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office