60 Minute Reiki Session with Lilly

During your 60 minute Reiki Session, we begin with a brief consultation identifying areas in the mind, body, & spirit which need attention. Then, you will be asked to find a comfortable position to receive the reiki. After the session, we hold space for the client to verbally process and offer a tarot card to close the ceremonial space.

Note: All session will be customized for the individual's needs. For in person reiki sessions, reiki practitioner will often use tools to empower the rite of healing. This includes: comforting blankets & pillows for body position, incense & candles, crystals & stones, Tibetan sound bowls, relaxing sounds & lights. Virtual sessions will need a comfortable undisturbed space to receive reiki and will be asked to use headphones to offer the highest quality sound and communication.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office