Body Confidence Coaching

Hey 'stressed out nothing fits me so I’m just gonna stay home and partake in some binge eating and Netflix indulging babe,' I see you.

You’re exhausted, you’re over obsessing about your image, and you’re over missing out on everything.

You feel the need to talk about your latest diet adventures every month with your friends, and then neglect to tell them how you “cheated” every weekend.

You’re confused, fed up, and just want to FEEL GOOD.

Well, you are not alone, and I feel you girl, do I feel you.

I spent years obsessing over my weight, size, and appearance. Seeking comfort in substances and approval from others to feel beautiful in my own skin, ultimately leaving me frustrated and always unsatisfied.

My name's Kaitlyn and I'm here to help you over come your binge eating and yo yo dieting tendencies that lead to stress, anxiety, and guilt!

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach focused on helping women struggling with their body confidence by using mindfulness techniques. I believe that in order to live a healthy, happy life we need to start from within and we must come from a place of a healthy mind. The health and wellness world can be extremely confusing to anyone just starting off, and most of the time they’re all aimed at loosing weight or rigorous workout routines. Which typically can lead to disordered eating and lack of confidence, if not done the right way. My aim is to remind my clients that it’s a slow, gradual process that starts with having the right mindset. When we are aware of our behaviour, actions, and reactions, we begin to naturally make choices that benefit us in the long run (ie; eating more real food from the earth, less processed food, moving our bodies more, drinking less alcohol etc).

So what's the deal?

8 Week commitment

60 Minute virtual sessions per week (8 sessions)

Free 30 minute initial coaching call

During each session you lead the way. I listen while using my personal experience and education to help share what I believe to be useful techniques for you to practice.

In addition to our weekly calls and suggestions, you will receive my support to keep you accountable with your goals; gently guiding you to where you feel you need to go. I believe that with proper goal setting and mindfulness skills we can attain the results that we’re seeking.

I want you to understand that it truly is about the journey. There can be meaning found in everything, so when we can adjust our mindset we can adjust our life.

Please reach out to me with your current challenges today and let’s see if we can tackle this obstacle together and come up with a solution.

Thank you so much for being here, I cannot wait to be apart of this journey of yours!


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