Health Education (Stress, Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Habits)

Are you having a hard time sticking to your goals?

Is weight loss something you feel is impossible for you?

Are you stressed and don't know how to control it?

As an experienced Health Educator my job is to help you identify the problem and help you make realistic goals so you can achieve success. Sometimes the hardest thing is feeling overwhelmed with the need to make to many changes. It is easy to overlook the main problem. Through my effective health coaching method the goal is to have you leave our initial assessment feeling empowered and motivated with specific goals in mind and an understanding of how and why you are struggling. Then, through continuous goal setting and follow-up, help you stick to it!

What do you get:

-Initial Assessment
-Goal setting and Health Coaching Sessions
-Text Follow-ups and Motivational Check-ins
-Nutrition Education and Recommendations
-Exercise Guidance and Planning
-Stress Management Techniques
-Sleep Education
-Helpful Tool Recommendations

It takes 90 days to develop a habit so I recommend you continue the program for at least 3 months, ideally 6 months.

A little about me:
I have worked as a Health Educator for 2 years working specifically with military. I have also worked as a trainer for 5 years. I have my degree in Health and Wellness, Health Coach Certification, Personal Training Certification, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification. I have much experience with the mental health field as well. In addition I have extensive training on motivational interviewing and coaching techniques.

Helping people is my life goal and I enjoy doing this as my profession. Les Brown once quoted, "Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours". Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs and when you have that person to turn to for help you can make it through anything. I enjoy being that person. My idea of helping people, is assisting them in achieving their goals. Throughout my profession I have been able to teach the skills and education needed for people reach their personal and professional goals, which ensures a basis for self improvement and overall success.

Lets get started getting your life on track and make a transformation!

Hours Vary, message for availability.

Remote or in Person:
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