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Families facing insurmountable challenges; young children affected by unimaginable trauma, and all-too-personal experiences of disgrace and regret awakened me to the truth that the core of humanity is singular. The human core chases peace that comes from complete security within our selves. It chases the bondedness and belonging that comes from a soul connection with another human being. From these experiences, my identity as a psychotherapist evolved to that of a Coach, walking in synchrony with fellow humans, offering connection and empowering them to welcome the capriciousness of life as a pivotal part of their own unique stories.

Hannah L. Ware is a holistic health advocate who adds value to individuals and organizations by strategically crafting and implementing action plans out of blended physical wellness and mental health principles. Her distinctive style empowers her clientele to embrace the truths of their personal stories and unique strengths to actualize their wellness ambitions.

Hannah has supported hundreds of clients facing seemingly insurmountable challenges in their lives; from young children affected by unimaginable trauma to families chasing the dream of healthy bodies to professionals seeking relational peace. Hannah has held clinical positions in the fields of psychology and allied health for fourteen (14) years and is privileged to have been sought by philanthropic organizations such as St. Jude’s Ranch for Children and P.A.T.H. Foundation to design, develop, and implement customized behavioral health programs for their communities.

Hannah is professionally trained as a health coach, psychotherapist and personal fitness trainer with specializations in health psychology, families, and children. She holds degrees in psychology and counseling, Health Coach certification from the American Council on Exercise, Master Trainer certification from Professional Fitness Institute, and held specialized certification from American College of Sports Medicine from 2005 through 2016.

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