Health/Wellness/Nutrition Coaching

Let’s face it, if it was just about food and exercise, you would have already achieved your goal of a healthy lifestyle. But it’s not just about food and exercise, it’s about environment, our mindset, our stress level, our support system, our own expectations, unrealistic goals, and all the demands of our daily life, as well as a plethora of factors.

I am a certified Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach through the CDC's PreventT2 Program. I can help you stave off your risks for developing diabetes and reduce your risk of other outcomes via a scientifically proven program. Join me individually or join one of my online group coaching sessions via video conference.

My holistic approach to Health & Nutrition Coaching looks at all aspects of your life. We start with your life story and your goals and then cover where in your life there are situations or people (or maybe even yourself) that may be creating obstacles and difficulties that hinder your progress towards living a healthy life.

Together, we create a partnership that helps you walk through those elements that hold you back. My philosophy of learning the importance of Plant-Based Meals (with or without's up to you!!!) and how healthy eating brings health into your life.

Whether it be stress, your social life, your family, your work or feelings of guilt for putting yourself first, we can create a productive journey TOGETHER that is sustainable and is part of who you are and who you want to be. Lifestyle change is not an overnight fix, but with patience and hard work, it can become permanent in your life. Most people think to themselves, 'I need to make big changes'.... when, in fact, they need to make a series of small behavioral changes in several areas to create that big change over a more extended period of time.


  • MSc in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University

  • Whole Person Certified Life Coach (IFC-PCC Path)

  • Certified National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach (CDC-approved)

  • ACE Certified Health Coach

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

We can start with a 30-minute free consultation and then your 1st 1 hours session. If you buy a package, you will receive access to an online education app with access to programs like stress reduction, nutrition education, and lifestyle modification as well as the ability to message me any time of day via the app.

Health Savings Account may be accepted by your provider for the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Remote or in Person:
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