Health & Wellness Coaching

Hi, I'm Stephanie. I help busy people live a more vibrant life by incorporating self care and mindfulness into their lives - for reduced stress, better health, and inner flow. My clients typically work in stressful positions or live high stress lives juggling many responsibilities. They are conscientious and proud of their accomplishments but feel like they are on autopilot and perpetually overwhelmed. They may be suffering from burnout.

They know that something has to change. They've lost themselves amidst all their work and personal responsibilities. Their health is showing signs of strain. They may have struggled with challenges related to food. They are not at peace with their life choices. They are in transition personally or professionally or want to make a change. I am quite familiar with those feelings. Working through them led me to a journey of discovery and reassessment and…to a less stressed, more balanced, grounded, healthier me.

As your coach, I will work closely with you in partnership to help you identify your goals and roadblocks. It is so rare to be truly listened to. Through careful listening, insightful questions and observations, and helpful homework, I will help you clarify your intentions and mindfully chart and follow your unique pathway to well-being.

I am a certified health & wellness coach from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. I am also a certified mindfulness meditation instructor. In addition, I am a licensed Am I Hungry? Facilitator and Coach. I have also been trained in mindful eating under the Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) Professional Training program. Meditation is often a welcome part of the coaching session.

Our coaching sessions will last about 50-60 minutes and can be held by phone or on Zoom (the web conferencing platform).