Health Coaching/Nutrition

Nutrition counseling, behavioral modification, exercise guidance at your finger tips!

About Me:
I have an MSN and have been doing bedside nursing for 12+ years. I have 2 preschool age boys and reside in Nashville, TN. I have always had a love for fitness and health. I have a Bachelor's in Dietetics and am an ACE certified Health Coach.

My years of hospital nursing has driven me to turn my career towards preventative health. My goal is to help people stay out of the hospital beds and off the long list of meds I was giving daily to nearly all of my patients.

Health Coaching is right for you if:
You need one on one help with the logistics of fitting healthy diet and exercise into your busy life, need a support system/accountability partner, or just need help with navigating through all the crazy diet advice given today!

It is NEVER too late to take control of your health. Whether you want to lose weight after a baby, get off BP meds, or anything in between, I have the background, knowledge, and experience to help you succeed!

Some key topics I cover-
(But not limited to these things)

*Help with GENERAL meal planning- not specific written meal plans
*Education on what types of foods/portions/timing of meals and snacks
*How to add physical activity to your day
*Maintaining fitness/ healthy diet during pregnancy
*Post-partum nutrition/nutrition needs during breast feeding
*How to maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle once goals are reached
*How to handle set backs, unsupportive family/friends
*Eating out/traveling while staying on plan

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office