Elimination Diet Coaching Bundle!

The elimination diet is the current gold standard for determining underlying food sensitivities that cannot be tested for.

The elimination diet can be a challenge for most people as certain groups of foods (milk, eggs, nuts, wheat, shellfish, and soy) are removed for a minimum of four weeks.

After a period of four weeks, foods are re-introduced one at a time to determine if there is a sensitivity.

Elimination diet support will provide guidance and assistance:
-Pre-elimination diet prep
-During week 1 (elimination phase)
-During weeks 2-4 (adjustment phase)
-During weeks 5-6 (reintroduction/maintenance phase)

This bundle includes a total of 5, one hour long coaching sessions, as well as 24 hour access via email and text, recipe guides, meal planning, and prep, and tips and tricks to have a successful elimination diet.

$350 total cost for 5 coaching calls and materials (a 30% discount!)

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office