Women's Health & Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness became a passion of mine during my own journey. I am currently a Certified Health Coach through IIN as well as Certified Personal Trainer, that coaches women through weight loss, healthy eating habits , lifestyle changes, exercise and stress management. My mission is to help you achieve your goals & feel your best!

I don't believe that "one diet fits all", we are all individuals so my coaching plans are based on your body, lifestyle and goals.

Women's Health & Wellness Plan includes:
Initial Session (30 minutes)
This is where we will have a chance to discuss what your goals are, what you have tried in the past and lifestyle habits. I will also explain how the sessions work, schedule our future sessions (dates & time) and of course answer any questions or concerns you may have.

60 Min Sessions every 2 weeks via phone or video conferencing (local clients may opt for In-Person Sessions)
- Support via Email or Text in between sessions
- Educate health eating habits based on goals
- Educate on Macro counting
- Celebrate accomplishments
- Discuss & Plan on set backs
- Decode Cravings & Stress Eating Triggers
- Discuss Mindful eating habits
- Holistic Lifestyle Tips
- Weekly Affirmations, Meditation or Morning Routines
- Support and Training for getting started on an Exercise Program (if needed)
** please note that sessions can be increased to weekly if you feel you need more support in the beginning. This can be discussed at initial session or any time during the program.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Health & Happiness - Season

"Don't ask me about my diet, ask me about my lifestyle"

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office