Navigating the Gluten free & Dairy Free lifestyle

Do you have constant brain fog, skin problems, digestive issues, fatigue, trouble sleeping, auto immune, or just want to overall feel better? Let me help you make transitioning into a more balanced and healthy lifestyle without gluten or dairy easy, painless, and still tasteful.

I know cutting out foods and changing your diet can be overwhelming, that's why I'm here! As someone who has been gluten & dairy free for years now, I've learned how to cook, grocery shop, eat out, and still enjoy life and my favorite meals. AND you will feel so much better.

These health coaching sessions will include:
* Day to day lifestyle discussion
* Recipes
* Tips for finding the best prices in the grocery store
* Grocery Lists
* Self Care Practices and techniques
* Understanding the importance of food sensitivities/allergies
* Mindful eating and living meditations/ techniques

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office