Health Fitness Assessment

Hello my name is GT.

I am a certified Exercise Physiologist. What that means is I have the skills and years of experience to understand unique barriers to exercise that individuals may have.

Barriers include anything from time management, lack of motivation, to living with chronic conditions such as diabetes or osteoporosis, and so on.

I specialize with those who are trying to get back into fitness or those who are starting for the first time and could benefit from some professional guidance.

My fitness assessments are designed to measure 5 components of health.

Health risks, body composition (body fat testing), muscular endurance, cardiovascular capacity, and flexibility (especially lower back and shoulder health).

I have all the mobile equipment required and I can come to you or meet at a location of your preference.

This assessment will take approximately one hour and will have a short time to also discuss easy healthy eating habits and becoming more physically active for minimal effort.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office