Elimination Diet: Entire Program, Coaching & Support

End the suffering, reduce pain and restore your health with this proven program!

It's hard to imagine the simple concept that the foods we eat might be causing our:
-chronic pain
-sleepless nights
-mood swings
-dry skin
-lack of energy
-night sweats
-dry eyes
-brittle nails
-heart palpitations
-joint pain
-swollen extremities
-or any of other symptoms you are struggling with.

But if a certain food is currently not agreeing with you, the body may be seeing that food as a foreign invader- so it would fight it. This causes inflammation. When you eat foods every day that irritate your system, you cause chronic inflammation. When chronic inflammation is present, you create an environment for nearly every single disease to manifest.

Challenged by food allergies?
Whether you are suffering from skin disorders, headaches, IBS, joint pain, or chronic fatigue, The Elimination Diet can get to the root of your symptoms.

An Elimination Diet can be your most powerful healing tool! You'll discover, through a process of elimination and reintroduction, which foods are irritating your body and triggering your symptoms. It doesn't have to suck or taste bad either.

No Excuses (can be done anywhere!)
No Fasting (eat real food designed by a Wellness Chef!)
No Drama (ok, maybe you can be a little dramatic in the beginning)

Following an elimination diet can be challenging, plain and simple. There can be obnoxious symptoms ( especially in the beginning), intense cravings and general misunderstanding what you are feeling or of what to eliminate, when and why.

Often just the lack of social support presents enough of a barrier to hinder completion. With a Certified, Holistic, Functional Medicine and Nutritional Coach on your side, you'll be able to ask questions, check in on symptoms and gain confidence.

Plus, the really important reintegration period is often skipped or misunderstood. I'll walk you through the whole process.

2 (two) private one-on-one calls to walk you through the program, answer questions and provide any needed support
1 (one) kick off video to get you on your way
Full 30+ page guidebook
Over 50+ delicious, nutritious Chef-designed recipes
Snack ideas
Eating out tips
Shopping list
List of foods to avoid
A self care guide
Food log
7 days of pre-detox suggestions
Continued support during your reintegration phase

Committing to and completing the Elimination Program reset was the best New Year’s resolution I ever made. Monique’s guidance and enthusiasm made it all possible.
I have become more conscientious of the food choices I make and have incorporated many of the recommendations into my daily routine.
I recommend this program to anyone who needs a jump start towards a healthier lifestyle.
~Deb K.

I have struggled with various digestive and weight issues pretty much my entire life. I have tried other programs and have never been able to follow them completely because I either felt terrible or was too hungry to continue. Monique’s Elimination Program was a revelation. It was flexible enough to accommodate my food likes and dislikes, complete enough that I was never hungry and gentle enough that I still felt well, even as my body was ridding itself of dairy, gluten and the other processed food additives to which it had become addicted. After the first few days I felt amazing! I had energy, slept well at night (which has always been a problem for me) and I lost about 10 pounds in the process. With Monique’s support, I reintegrated various foods slowly after the detox, and have been able to pinpoint which ones cause me trouble. If I eat gluten or dairy, I know the consequences. The best part of the program was the unfailing support and cheerleading that Monique provided to me. She steadfastly believed that I could do it, and she made me believe it too. She is a fantastic coach and I would recommend her and her programs to anyone who wants support on their path to health and wellness. ~Hope

I'm passionate about helping others because I've been there and will be there for you every step of the way.
I look forward to helping you on your health journey
Happy Day,
Functional Medicine practitioner
Culinary Nutrition Expert
Wellness Chef

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