LGBTQ+ Safe Fitness Consultations

My name is Seth, and I am a queer and trans fitness professional. I am a certified personal trainer with experience in working with universities, studio gyms like Orangetheory Fitness, and my own personal business that connects my clients to my business partner, Transgender Law Center. I am also a graduate student in clinical exercise physiology, with an undergraduate in social work and trauma counseling.

All of that to say, you're safe. However you identify, whatever your goal, you are safe. I also grew tired of the strange world that was health and fitness. Never feeling (or wanting to feel) “man enough,” while never being allowed to feel remotely “woman enough,” the icons and expectations of the health and fitness world seemed unbearably unrealistic.

So I decided to do something about it. Welcome to fitness made by, tailored to, and safe for the trans and queer community.

As of right now, all of my training services or either online, or distance consultations, due to my transition between cities. However, no matter your goal, do not hesitate to reach out! I have worked with individuals pre- and post-transition, drag queens, children, senior adults, and everyone in-between, spanning 6 different countries.

So whatever you might be dreaming about, let's train together to love ourselves, as ourselves, and not by, or for, anyone else's standards.

Remote or in Person:
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