Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Throughout this coaching partnership, you will receive 1:1 support, personalized guidance, accountability and encouragement as we work together to establish your goals and how to achieve them so you can experience the desired growth or change in the areas of your life that hold the most meaning for you.

Whether that looks like following your passion and changing careers; getting off the couch and exercising more; practicing better self-love and self-care; living more mindfully; or cultivating a deeper sense of empowerment and self-worth, this 1:1 customized coaching program will awaken you to the power of your best asset: YOU.

During our time together, you’ll…

Find a deep appreciation for who you are and stop discounting your value.
Connect with the voice of your inner wisdom and stop believing your inner critic.
Understand with clarity what you really want and start pursuing it.
Feel comfortable and confident speaking your truth so that it becomes second nature.
And so much more!
This program is for you if…

You want a private, customized experience with a personal coach.
You know you need a lot of accountability and support.
You are ready to harness your own power, honor your needs, make tangible changes, and live your most authentic life.

-A 1:1 customized coaching program based on your personal goals.

-Homework assignments to support you in seeing tangible progress and experiencing forward momentum between coaching sessions.

-Follow up notes emailed after each coaching session.

-Recommendations and resources to help you along your health and wellness journey.

-Optional guided mindfulness, meditation, breathing and/or visualization exercises throughout our coaching partnership.

-Multiple tools and assessments utilized to support your specific goals, personal development and growth.