Art Therapy for ages 6 and up!

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything with your teen, but they struggle to benefit from traditional talk therapy? Are you looking for a new creative way to deal with difficulties in life and get in touch with your true self? As an art therapist, I incorporate talk therapy with art making to help my clients unlock their creative potential, look at problems with fresh eyes, and develop new coping skills for dealing with difficult emotions. If you or your child is feeling blocked by past trauma, stuck in destructive patterns, or overwhelmed by depression or anxiety, then I encourage you to reach out. You are not alone.

I specialize in pre-teens, adolescents and young adults. I have extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, grief, and behavioral issues. I offer a safe space to explore, grow, and even have fun in the process. No prior experience or skill with art making is necessary to benefit from art therapy.

I invite you to send me an email to schedule a free phone consultation. I have a flexible schedule offering weekend and evening appointments. I offer individual and family sessions as well as groups. Please visit my website to learn more about art therapy and my practice. I look forward to working with you or your child!

All accepted
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Health Savings Account accepted