Tailored to YOU - Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Hi there! I’m here to help you flourish on your path to crafting a healthy lifestyle you're proud of and embracing the joy of eating well!

If you are tired of trying the latest fad diets to enhance your diet and lose weight, then I want to chat with you!

Let's connect if you…

• would like to shed a few pounds
• want to revamp your diet Whole Foods-style
• feel you would succeed with daily support, accountability, and motivation, getting you back on track and to stay on track with your healthy living goals
• are confused by all the diet trends, leaving you unsure what will make you and your body feel energized and happy
• struggle with stress eating, emotional eating, etc.
• have no time to see a dietitian or nutrition coach in person
• need a flexible, time effective, live-able program that fits your busy schedule

We will work together to uncover what is at the core of any struggles you may have with food & movement. My one big ask of you is to understand that this is a journey, it takes time, but the results are lasting. Quick-fix weight loss diets may provide temporary relief, but ultimately, they can end up adding to pre-existing struggles with weight, food, and movement. My intent is to help you understand, process, cope, and develop new healthy living habits, to craft your new lifestyle.

Combining the science of food and nutrition as a Registered Dietitian, yoga as a Registered Yoga Teacher and behavioral coaching tools, we will work together to reconnect you with your body and mind to find greater balance with food, movement, health, and happiness.

There is no one size fits all solution to weight loss. Getting to know you on an individualized basis is vital in guiding you along each step of your journey. I am honored to say that I have become close friends and stay connected with majority of my clients.... It is hard not to when walking through such life changing journey.

We will work together to…

• change the way you think about eating and interact with food by helping you develop a better relationship with food.
• alleviate pressure surrounding what you eat so you can enjoy food more without feelings of guilt.
• understand what food works for your body while still enjoying all the foods you love.
• become more mindful of food as fuel.

We will enhance your diet by…

• Understanding what foods to increase in your diet through my ‘Whole Foods Guide’
• Understanding what empty calorie foods are and how to find balance with them in your diet
• Understanding how to create a balanced meal and snack
• Understanding how to create a meal that will keep you feeling full & satisfied

One last area of focus that I specialize in that I have been hinting around to... Emotional Eating/Mindful Eating.

Do you turn to food to relieve stress or cope with unpleasant emotions? Like feeling sad, anxious, stressed, or boredom...

Emotional eating is one of the big contributing factors to why attempts at weight loss are just that, attempts.

You can have all the nutrition knowledge, but that's only helpful if you have conscious control over your eating habits. It's not helpful when emotions hijack the process.

A yoga & meditation practice are two key areas that I focus on to help slow you down mentally so you can tune into your body and mind. This invites you to be more mindful of your actions (mindful eating) & your body (awareness of sensations & cues) allowing you to distinguish between the urge to eat due to your body’s physical hunger cues vs. when it’s an emotional impulse that drives you to eat out of your feelings.

This helps with weight loss by changing the emotional habits that have sabotaged your weight loss attempts in the past and reclaim your health & happiness.

My Plans Include:
- Quick & easy mobile food tracking through our app to conveniently take pictures of your food and receive tailored feedback from your Nutrition Coach.
- 24/7 access to Nutrition Coach. Nutrition Coach touches base as you desire, ranging from daily to once a week.
- Whole Foods Guide to eating along with a library of nutrition webinars & podcasts like Empty Calories, Food Fundamentals, Emotional Eating, and more for you to deepen your understand of your relationship with food.
- Fitness Tracker syncs to app for easy communication with coach along with a library of yoga videos ranging from 5-45 minutes. PLUS yoga programs like Yoga Infused Plank Challenge, Yoga Tone Series, Inversion Workshop, & Yoga Series for Beginners!

I would love to connect and craft a plan that works best for your needs. You can click ‘Request’ to schedule a time with me for an introduction meeting to learn more and see if we are a good match or select 'contact' if you have any questions for me before scheduling.

I hope to hear from you soon!
--- Ashley

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