Jacqueline Thomas, ND

I am a board-certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a deep emphasis on helping people navigate change and find peace through their health journey with nutrition, mind-body coaching, energy healing, nutraceuticals, botanicals and homeopathics. With years of experience, I focus on the following disorders: chronic infections, autoimmunity, stress management, adjunctive oncology support, epigenetic-related understanding and treatment, lab interpretations, toxicity, and gut disorders.
♣ Owner of private practice, Jacqueline Thomas, ND, 2015-2020
♣ Member of Colorado Association of NDs, 2016-2020
♣ Certified MTHFR Genetics Doctor, 2018
♣ Completion of Ben Lynch’s Nutrigenomics Course and Member of Nutrition Genome, 2017-2020
♣ Lead Oncology Nutrition Therapy Professor at Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver, 2017-2018
♣ Lead Naturopathic Physician at Remission Nutrition with Jess Kelley (author of the Metabolic Approach to Cancer and Bioregulatory Medicine), 2017-2018
♣ Board Member of the nonprofit Education and Health Empowerment Center, Denver, CO, 2020
♣ IV Nutrition Therapy Certification, 2016

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