Managing Stress with Wisdom & Serenity

How can I cultivate a greater sense of calm, positivity, fuller awareness and best of intentions when life is serving me a bucket full of soggy lemons and my soggy lemon juicer is broken, you ask? Life is far from easy. Hence the reason why so many of us search for mini-escape routes, mental vacations or seek fleeting relief through unhealthy coping mechanisms, just to make it through the day.

Are you in a place where you sincerely want to keep it all together while facing a hectic, chaotic time period? Yet, you find yourself barely maintaining and the stress is taking a toll on your health and family? If so, know that you are not alone in the struggle for sanity and survival. Allow me to assist you by shining a light on a path full of potential to guide you onward & upward.

Pulling out of a funk (or a cycle of negativity) takes courage AND action!

Even in the most stressful times, practicing modern and sometimes ancient techniques to calm the heart, clear negative energy, squash self-destructive thoughts and consciously, mindfully strengthen self-reliance and self-confidence can really make an ENORMOUS difference! Implementing a very personal formula with tools and techniques for these exact stressful times, one that works with your unique life circumstances, is the best way of generating momentum to successfully carry you out of a negative cycle or simply to a higher level of life satisfaction.

Healthy patterns build momentum like a muscle that holds us up with pillars of wisdom and awareness particularly in moments when we may otherwise make regretful and sometimes downright terrible decisions. We are all human, so it's not about attempting perfection or controlling every emotion, it's more about processing heavy-duty life issues in a healthy, balanced and more productive way.

Fully express your inner wisdom, your highest and best, most beautiful loving self!

My end goal is to offer you a variety of go-to foundational stress relievers that are aligned with your body, mind, and spirit. These will certainly evolve over time but once learned, you'll have a base to build upon forever. Together we can unveil your own true north and create a unique set of techniques to strengthen your connection within and to the powerful universal forces that ring true in your heart, solidifying your foundation, balance, and sense of wholeness.

You can only start where you're standing when it comes to designing a transformational stress-relief practice that feels authentic and effective to you - on the deepest levels. All things are possible; an improved state of health, a greater sense of calm, increased awareness, a genuine sense of happiness peacefulness and love.

It is my honor to provide support and care to women from all walks of life and various belief systems, be it here in our San Antonio office on Blanco Rd., in the comfort of your home, or remotely online.
We rise together!

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