Holistic Health Coach

Joni Madere is a holistic health coach, yoga teacher and writer inspired by her reverence for deep nature.

Drawing on the infinite breath, layered with intuition cultivated by both movement and sitting still, her sessions allow for reconnection with the self. Navigating this commitment to self improves the way we experience all of our relationships and all of life. Considering body, mind and beyond, this holistic approach to our human design empowers us to discover our true potential.

Joni traveled into her wellness career after the stress of entrepreneurial life in post-recession Los Angeles led to health issues that manifested even while living a super healthy life. Ever obsessed with the mind-body connection as an avid yoga practitioner, she made the shift to holistic health with her first yoga teacher training at YogaWorks in Santa Monica. After gaining her health coaching certification with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she realized clients in both realms were asking questions and having experiences that required further investigation to provide answers. Diving into the psychological aspects that affect the physical, mental and emotional realms, she added an Advanced Yoga Psychology 300-hour yoga teacher training with Ashley Turner - an intensive two-fold training layering both Eastern and Western psychology.

A natural tie-in to her outdoor adventure lifestyle, she also dove into “high performance” through courses and live trainings with The Flow Genome Project. Ultimately, this desire to share what she has learned on the yoga mat and in the great outdoors, resolving her own health issues that were inextricably linked to the mind and subtle body, is what inspires her daily to support others in doing the same. Life is better when we are: Balanced. Self-regulated. Neutral. Relaxed.

While keeping her practices in place along with healthy doses of snowboarding, surfing and trail time, she has coached and consulted many walks of life including corporate teams from Merrill Lynch and The American Heart Association. From stay-at-home moms who hold down the fort to multi-faceted mavericks, we are all individual with unique needs, desires and dreams to fulfill. Her deepest passion lies in collaborating with progressive practitioners and people making this planet a better place.

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