Personal Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor


I hope to share the gift of meditation and mindfulness with you. It is a source of strength and clarity through life's ups and downs, connecting one to their natural sources of ease, joy, and equanimity.

I have practiced for 1+ hour daily for over 5 years and have received certification in meditation instruction. I currently offer meditation/mindfulness sessions in the hospital I work, at the local jail, and hopefully soon at two ICE facilities near me. On this platform, I will offer guided meditation, insight for daily practice, and space to explore and deepen one's commitment and realization of meditation practice.

I wish to offer this instruction at a feasible price for all. I love to share meditation and to see others experience its power. If unable to make this payment of $20, I am willing to share my energy and time with you for free or by donation.

We can meet by Zoom or by phone for 60 minute sessions.

Blessings to you and your path,
Gunnar G Malensek

Remote or in Person:
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Client goes to Provider's Office