Nutrition Coaching, Reiki Therapy and Pilates Instruction

Hello! My name is Kathi - I am a former professional ballet dancer, now Certified Health Coach, Comprehensively Certified PEAK Pilates Instructor, Reiki Therapist and mama. As a dancer and teacher of movement, I believe that we are spiritual beings in a physical world, and that our bodies are the way our souls get to express themselves. I now use my expertise in the realms of movement, nutrition and energy healing, to help clients align their physical body, so that their spirit - their true self - can come through. In our time together, you will learn a new way to approach living in, being in, and moving in your body. This approach will stem from a place of love and respect for all your body can do for you, and will finally lead you to the lasting change you have been seeking for yourself, your whole life.

Remote or in Person:
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