Breathe New Life/Free from Acne, Hormonal Imbalance or ADD

My name is Christy. My passion is helping women and teens with hormonal, decreased libido, skin or weight issues. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve the body and skin you will feel at peace with. Since, all well-being begins in the gut. We begin the journey together through addressing “the gut” through a bio-individuality approach. We do a thorough health history, discuss your eating habits, skin ailments such as teenage acne, or adult acne, and a basic over view of your skin care routines. We go over your primary foods, (lifestyle) and your ultimate goal. Together, we come up with a meal plan that is the right fit for you. The whole body is connected it becomes a domino effect. The client experiences other life changing events, such decreased anxiety, more energy and in teens ADD symptoms subside.If you are a person who just may need a refresher and reboot, then this one hour session is right for you.
*If you feel you need more coaching and accountability, ask about the 3 month virtual one on one wellness package special offer.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office