Virtual Pain Management or Mobile Chiropractic Care

Hi everyone!
My name is Dr. Nori, D.C.

I am a Mobile chiropractor providing hands on care to the Calabasas area. I have an earnest desire to serve our community in these unprecedented times. My philosophy on patient care is centered on evidence based research and practice. Treating by educating and empowering patients to become active in their own self-care while providing much needed instant relief thought spinal manipulative therapy.

I am highly competent diagnosis and management of;
- Neck Pain
- Low Back pain
- Sciatica
- Headache/ Migraines
- Jaw pain/TMJ
- Extremity pain ie Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot
- Muscular imbalances
- Ergonomic evaluation

Initial mobile visit to your home entails;
- physical examination of the primary and or secondary complaint,
- treatment including spinal manipulation if examination indicates, Myofascial work using Trigger point therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASM )or Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitaiton (PNF) and home rehabilitation exercises to prevent reassurance of the complaint.

You can view a few of my educational video clips on how to prevent further degeneration/ & or current complaint of reported pain on Instagram:

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office