Distance Reiki Transmission Therapeutic Care

Reiki is available to and through all beings everywhere. The appointment will last 45 minutes and may extend up to an hour. For the duration of your distance Reiki transmission you are advised to be in a reclined position and in as relaxed a state of mind as you are able. If you are able to step outside prior to your treatment to take a moment to ground yourself use a brief meditation session or breathing treatment to do so. This is not required but is a one method of establishing a relaxed state of mind. You are able to remain outdoors during your transmission. You can be seated or reclined in a relaxed state at your place of choosing. Be advised that during your treatment and for the few hours following you are recommended to refrain from operating any heavy machinery. Be prepared fifteen minutes in advance to receive your treatment. The healing energies will continue to be felt for the following week. Common side effects reported by my patients are as follows: Increased emotions, euphoric energetic boost, increased spiritual awarenesses.

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office
All accepted
Some accepted
Health Savings Account accepted