Exercise Coaching/Personal Training

I have been Personal Training one on one and in small groups for over 30 years now. I have helped thousands get in shape and/or compete at elite levels over the span of my career. I have trained locally at the commercial gyms, corporate gyms, and now private in my own mobile fitness business. I have trained people as young as 7/8 years old to clients over 100 years of age. I love training and love helping people feel their best and meet their goals. Since I crept into middle age myself (a few years ago) :) I have incorporated a lot more balance training, CORE BARRE type exercises/basic core and flex training, and lots of strength training. I believe all of these disciplines are important at EVERY age and stage of life. I also hold a degree in Exercise Sciences, Nutrition Sciences, and numerous certifications in Wellness Coaching, Group Fitness, Personal Training, etc. I would love to help you get fit and I would love for your body to be MY business.

Remote or in Person:
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