Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Hey, I'm Coach Blake. I help men and women who have struggled with food for their entire life, learn how to eat. Many people have spent years riding a diet roller coaster just looking for answers. Well, now you have one.

My coaching program focuses on teaching you the hows and whys behind your food. This way you can make the best decisions for YOU. We also focus on building habits and behaviors that will support you in every which way.

Why don't diets work? A couple of reasons...
- No habits are built to support it
- There is a lack of behaviors being changed (and bad ones being built)
- It's usually focused on what works for someone else, and not specifically you

Over the years I have personally helped people lose up to 40 pounds (and go on to lose a total of 100 pounds), completely change their relationship to food, gain a grip on emotional eating, and feel good while doing it. I personally have also been overweight and made my own transformation, and I have been on the other side of the spectrum with disordered eating. I've made it my life mission to help people with these same problems and finally break free from the prison that food and emotional eating have them in.

I'm going to meet you where you are, regardless of your situation. Give you TOOLS to make changes in your lifestyle. Hold you accountable and help you take action. Support and guide you on this journey step by step. I've got your back!

What working with me looks like:

  • A custom approach based on your goals and needs
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we really get deep into what you need to do to be successful
  • Constant support when it's needed (24-hour response time)
  • Daily habit practices to keep you engaged and hold you accountable
  • Mindset work to keep you locked in mentally
  • Results

If any of this sounds familiar...

  • Struggling with food for years
  • Riding the diet roller coaster with no real results
  • Wasted tons of money on diets, supplements and programs
  • Stress eating
  • A desire to make changes

Then you're in the right place and I look forward to being by your side on this journey!

Remote or in Person:
Provider goes to Client
Client goes to Provider's Office